IT Consulting Micic gives you the option to expand operations beyond the borders of your country, through the establishment of companies abroad. With the opening of the company you can optimize your tax duties, reduce human resources costs, finde better human resources, possibility to bild long term interests and reduce the other financial costs in accordance with legal regulations and thus exponentially improve your profit and business perspective.

Our service includes:

  • creation the necessary documents of the establishment of the company,
  • application for registration of the company,
  • taking the decision on the establishment of company and necessary actions after that,
  • the provision of human resources for the company,
  • professional and technical support during the operating period of the company.
  • Estabilshing A Company IT Consalting Micic

Our consulting activities include the provision of advices, guidance or providing the operative assistance to business and other organizations in relation to management, such as organizational planning, business process transformation, cost reduction...[more]

Our services include making contemporary business websites, web application, web portals, web design, Android and iOS mobile applications, using well-known web technologies (C/C++, JAVA, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, XML/XSL, UML, HTML, WMl, JSP, ASP etc.)...[more]

The areas and technologies in which agency can offer developers are: C#, C++, Android, iOS, PHP Zend, PHP Symfony, Java, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Linux, CSS, Html, Flash, JScript (Mootools, JQuery), ASP.Net. Also, we can provide the developers in other...[more]